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There's no life without water.
Care with us, for today and tomorrow.

Our purpose is to enrich quality of life.

In life's 'little moments' - a morning coffee, a dog bath, a dip in the pool - we're there.

We play a valued role in enhancing the liveability of our communities. It's a role we take extremely seriously as we shape the moments to come across SEQ.


Our people are purpose-led, and values driven. Values matter so much, especially in an organisation like ours. They underpin everything we do – and how we do it. Curious what our people truly CARE about?

We're Connected

We're here for each other and our customers. We generously share out talent, time and knowledge.

We're All In

We're one team. We've got grit, can always be counted on and we love what we do.

We Keep It Real

We're good humans. We embrace real and meaningful conversations. We bring our whole self to work.

We're Evolving

We're curious, we challenge the status quo to create change that adds value.

CARE with us, for today and tomorrow.

Because there's no us without you.
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So why do our people choose to work at Urban Utilities?

Impact that's essential, always.

Behind the scenes. Under the ground. We're working. We're caring. We're making sure. Some forget we're here. You see, that's the thing about water - it's easy to take for granted.

We show up anyway, day after day, treating and protecting this thing that keeps people alive, prevents disease and enriches quality of life.

But when the storm does come, we're ready. We stand, we walk towards and we stay. Until the job's done. Until the sky's clear. Until life's restored and sustained.

Discover how we’re taking the waste out of wastewater for a healthy, sustainable and liveable future.

Problems worth solving, for today and tomorrow.

The way we see it, problems are there to be solved. And challenges are opportunities to achieve and grow.

At Urban Utilities, you’ll find interesting projects, fulfilling work, and experiences you won’t get elsewhere.

And you’ll know that with every job well done, with every process improved, with every crisis averted, you’re helping people and communities thrive.

Read about our greatest and latest innovations and improvements.

Teams that show up in the moments that matter.

Our work isn’t easy, and we’ve been through plenty of challenge and change. But our people have kept going.

Here, you’ll find teammates who go the extra mile – not just for our customers but also for each other. They’re not limelight lovers or attention seekers. They do it because they genuinely care.

We’re rarely short on camaraderie, and there’s usually a friendly smile and helping hand, whatever the weather. And it’s not just about the big stuff - here, there are moments that matter every day. When you need it, our people will show up and walk with you.

“There’s a lot that goes into each flick of the tap and flush of the toilet.” Kylie’s specialist skills keep our water clean and safe for us to drink. Read her story.

Your time to shape the moments to come.

Our work is never done. And like water, it never sits still. We see that as a great opportunity - to serve the community for today and tomorrow, and to help shape the long-term direction of our region.

That’s about our strategy and the impact it has on our customers, of course. But it’s also about the evolution of the Urban Utilities culture and team - it’s about who we’ll be and how we’ll work ten years from now.

We’re not perfect and there’s plenty still to do. It’ll take time and it’s not for everyone. But if you want to shape the future of Urban Utilities and the vital work we do, now’s the time.

Urban Utilities Futures Strategist Will Spiers helps us navigate a path through a fast-changing world. Here are a few of his career highlights.

Opportunity to thrive on what matters to you.

Growth and development can never be ‘one size fits all’. And at Urban Utilities, the opportunity really is what you make it. Many of our people tell us they’ve had truly unique career journeys with us. Our priority now is to ensure clear pathways for all.

At Urban Utilities, we know the chance to thrive and progress comes hand in hand with the support to balance work with life. So, you’ll access an increasingly diverse range of benefits and initiatives that help you bring the best you.

And as part of our 2025 people experience strategy, we’re working hard with our leaders to ensure a culture of safety, enablement and trust, whoever and wherever you are.

Find out more about the benefits of working at Urban Utilities.

Are you up for the challenge?

Urban Utilities has a proud and established past, shaped by the capability and tenacity of our people.

We’ve had our fair share of challenge and change over the years, and there’s more to come.

  • Population growth and rapid urbanisation...
  • Climate change and extreme weather events...
  • Opportunities like the 2032 Olympics...

The world is always evolving and so must we.

Our strategy centres on prioritising the fundamentals of our important BAU (business as usual), while also enabling our people to innovate for the future. Everyone knows that’s a tough balance to strike. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll find a unique opportunity to grow, belong and achieve the remarkable.

There’s no US without U.

Come shape the future with us.
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