At Urban Utilities, our vision is to play a valued role in enhancing the liveability of our communities. Our strategic direction is underpinned by our commitment to customer-centricity and value-creation; every decision we make is considered through the lens of the customer and the value it delivers.  

The Customer and Community Reference Group (CCRG) plays a key role - ensuring we stay connected by providing a forum of open and honest dialogue - where Urban Utilities can consult and gather feedback from representatives of our customer and community groups.  

The CCRG meets quarterly and includes community representatives from a range of sectors and professional backgrounds including:

  • Neil Horrocks - CCRG Chair, energy and sustainability 
  • Professor John Cole - sustainability, policy and rural development 
  • Kathy Baburin - Community and rural customer advocate, small business
  • Nigel Parratt - Queensland Conservation Council, water and environment 
  • Simone Elias - Uniting Care,  environment and sustainability, social services 

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