The Disclosure Program is an independent service run on behalf of Urban Utilities by Deloitte that provides an opportunity for the public, contractors, consultants and suppliers to report misconduct, corruption and suspect behaviour that is contrary to the Urban Utilities Code of Conduct and Values and Behaviours.

Urban Utilities believes that fraud, dishonesty, harassment and unethical behaviour can have a negative effect on our workplace.

By reporting potential misconduct, corruption and suspect behaviour you can help us to ensure our work environment is free from theft, fraud and dishonesty.

If you observe or suspect any of the following do not ignore it:

  • theft
  • fraud
  • dishonesty
  • harassment
  • unethical behaviour.

We encourage you to report it and help make Urban Utilities a fair and honest place to work.

The Disclosure Program includes:

  • A dedicated website, email address and mailing address for the public to report suspected incidents of misconduct, corruption and suspect behaviour.
  • A comprehensive set of procedures to promote and manage public interest disclosures, approved by the Chief Executive Officer. 
  • Comprehensive awareness-raising of the Disclosure Program.
  • Expert forensic investigators to analyse disclosures.
  • Timely reporting of incidents to dedicated representatives within the organisation.
  • Recommendations on corrective action.