When making a report the more information you can provide the more we have to investigate. When submitting a report, the type of information you will be asked to provide will include:

  • names of people involved
  • names of any witnesses
  • date, time and location of incident(s)
  • details of any proof
  • money or assets involved
  • how often the incident has happened.

If you do not have all this information we still ask that you provide us with as much information about the specific incident as possible.

Submitting your report

Use one of the following channels to report misconduct, corruption or suspect behaviour:


To make a disclosure report online visit www.disclosureprogram.deloitte.com.au


You can send an email 24 hours a day to disclosureprogram@deloitte.com.au


The Disclosure Program
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The Disclosure Program will not provide any personal details to Urban Utilities without your consent.