Procurement at Urban Utilities

Urban Utilities’ procurement objective is to maximise the benefits delivered through the procurement of goods and services to deliver value for Urban Utilities, its stakeholders, customers and the wider community.  We seek to engage suppliers to advance economic,  environmental and social objectives. Our procurement policy and procedures ensure procurement of goods and services or construction activities are conducted in an honest, competitive, fair and transparent manner. We are committed to providing our residential and commercial customers with the highest level of water and sewage services and we recognise the important role our suppliers play in helping us achieve this.

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Our expectations

It's important to us that our suppliers meet or exceed our minimum standards and performance expectations, share our values and understand our commitments.

Prior to being awarded a contract, suppliers are required to demonstrate that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those specific to the goods/services they are supplying, and meet or exceed our minimum requirements for health and safety, the environment,human rights, corporate management system, financial capacity, ethical and anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices.

In accordance with our standard contract provisions, Urban Utilities’ suppliers are not permitted to make any statements or comments or issue any information or document to the public or a third party (including media) in relation to their dealings with Urban Utilities without our prior written consent. Should approval be given for a public announcement or media release, the wording and manner of publication must also be approved in writing by Urban Utilities. 

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