white collar paperwork


This Contractor WHS Induction information page is intended to provide contractors engaged by Queensland Urban Utilities, with the minimum WHS information and expectations prior to attending Queensland Urban Utilities worksites.   

The information listed within these pages will assist contractors in meeting obligations regarding Queensland Urban Utilities’ Contractor WHS Management processes and provides you with minimum WHS information relevant to work to be performed in partnership with Queensland Urban Utilities. This information applies to all contractors and other Persons Conducting Business or Undertakings whilst accessing or working on Queensland Urban Utilities-controlled worksites. It should be understood that information within this page may not necessarily entitle a contractor to commence work activities. The acceptance and approval of a contractor’s WHS Documentation/ Safe Systems of Work, is the responsibility of the Queensland Urban Utilities business unit representative who has engaged the specific contract goods or services.

It is recommended that contractors familiarise themselves with QUU's Risk Management Procedures.