This rule applies to everyone on our worksites, regardless of whether they work for us or not, and in real-terms it means that we:

  • only allow suitably trained, qualified, competent, medically fit and physically capable people to perform confined space activities,
  • always complete pre-start documentation, including risk assessments, and obtain any necessary permits before starting work,
  • only use Urban Utilities approved confined space entry equipment,
  • inspect all equipment before use and report any which is worn, damaged, defective or out-of-date,
  • develop emergency rescue plans and perform practice drills involving the entire confined space entry team,
  • test, continually monitor and respond to any changes in the atmospheric or environmental conditions and isolate any energy sources within the confined space,
  • respond immediately and appropriately to any alarms, alerts or warnings, and
  • thoroughly and hygienically clean all confined space entry equipment immediately after use.