This rule applies to everyone on our worksites, regardless of whether they work for us or not, and in real-terms it means that we:
  • try to prevent falls by working at ground level or on solid structures wherever possible,
  • minimise the risk of falls by understanding and fully complying with our Managing the Risk of Falls Standard Operating Procedure,
  • only allow suitably trained, qualified, competent, medically fit and physically capable people to work at heights,
  • always complete all pre-start documentation, including a risk assessment, and obtain any necessary permits before starting work,
  • only allow suitably qualified people to install and inspect elevated work platforms and scaffolding,
  • inspect all fall prevention equipment before starting work and report any which is worn, damaged, defective or out-of-date,
  • establish clearly marked exclusion zones beneath elevated work areas,
  • only use ladders to enter or exit elevated work areas, or as working platforms for light work of short duration, and
  • never allow anyone to work at heights alone.