To ensure invoices are processed in accordance with the terms of the engagement, please submit a valid tax invoice directly by email to

Suppliers must ensure the following items are included on their invoice:

  • Tax Invoice requirements as per Australian Taxation Office (or your jurisdiction)
  • An active:
    - Purchase Order number (PO) - PO numbers begin with “N” or "A" followed by five (5) numbers (e.g. A23323); or
    - Contract number - Reference must be made to any contract agreement that the invoice relates to. Contract numbers start with a “C” followed by alpha-numeric characters. (e.g. C1046 Provision of Plumbing Supplies)
  • Work Order Number (WO) - Urban Utilities WO numbers are unique numbers that identify the site/location/asset e.g. BLDGGSC1.
  • Delivery address -The full address of the site where the goods /service was delivered (e.g. 31 Duncan Street, Brisbane Qld 4000)
  • Requestor’s full name - The full name of the Urban Utilities employee who requested the goods / service.
  • Additional tips to ensure that your invoice is processed accurately:
    - Invoices must be sent in pdf format
    - Do not combine more than one invoice into one PDF file
    - Attach any supporting documentation (eg: timesheets, payment certificates)
    - Bank account details are to be clearly identified, as EFT is Urban Utilities’ preferred method of payment
    - Email address for payment related communications, including EFT remittance advice

For any enquiries, please contact Accounts Payable by emailing