The following minimum details are required on invoices to assist with accurate and timely payment.

Work Order Number (WO) - Queensland Urban Utilities WO numbers are unique numbers that identify the site/location/asset e.g. BLDGGSC1.

Purchase Order number (PO) -  PO numbers begin with “N” followed by five (5) numbers (e.g. N23323).

Contract number -  Reference must be made to any contract agreement that the invoice relates to.  Contract numbers start with a “C” followed by alpha-numeric characters.  (E.g. C1046 Provision of Plumbing Supplies). (if applicable)

Requestors full name - The full name of the Queensland Urban Utilities employee who requested the works/ service.

Site address -  The full address of the site where the work/service was undertaken e.g. 364 Curtin Avenue West, Eagle Farm QLD 4009.

Service Report / Job Sheet - A service report or job sheet must be attached to the invoice(if applicable).

Please email all invoices directly to