Strategic direction

Our purpose

Enrich quality of life.

Our vision

We play a valued role in enhancing the liveability of our communities. 

Our strategic statement

Our strategic direction is underpinned by our commitment to customer-centricity; every decision we make is considered through the lens of the customer. As we build on our solid foundations and our constructive culture, we will pursue growth through the development of partnerships that deliver environmental, economic and social benefits. These outcomes will be valued by our customers, communities and shareholders, and enhance the health, affordability and amenity of our region.

Our values

Our values are the essence of our identity. They guide the way we approach our work and the way we work together.


Our values include:


Activate, collaborate, accelerate


See it, own it, solve it

Customers and Community

Listen, understand, respond


Everyone, everywhere, every day

Deliver value

Define it, create it, deliver it


Initiate, create, inspire

Our strategic goals

Our strategic goals outline where we will focus our efforts to achieve our vision and purpose.

Constructive Culture

We inspire, create and sustain a constructive culture to deliver high performance.

Foundational Success

We know our business, we know our customers and we deliver value for both.

Environmental Leadership

We protect and enhance our environment for current and future generations through excellence in water cycle management.

Social and Economic Value

We advance the wellbeing and prosperity of society by leveraging our unique capabilities.