Last year, we made some important changes to how we charge customers for water and sewerage services.

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On Friday 1 October 2021, we introduced Simpler Pricing to streamline and simplify our tariffs to make them more:

  • equitable,
  • consistent, and
  • aligned to user pays principles.

If your bill has increased as a result Simpler Pricing and you’re experiencing difficulty making payment, we’re here to help. Please visit our Assistance Options page now or download the Simpler Pricing Customer Guide below for more information.

Download the Simpler Pricing Customer Guide

What is user pays?

User pays is a sustainable, globally recognised resource pricing principle where customers who use or benefit more from water and sewerage services pay more than customers who use or benefit less.

As custodians of a precious natural resource, we believe it’s the best way to charge for essential services.

Why change?

When we were formed in 2010, we inherited five different tariff suites from our five different shareholder councils.

Simpler Pricing will address this and:

- ensure tariffs are applied consistently across council regions, and

- streamline our total number of tariffs from more than 400 to less than 100, allowing us to serve you more efficiently and effectively.


Key Changes

- Consistent meter-size based Water and Sewerage Services charges across our service region.

- A new Sewage Disposal charge to replace pedestal charges and some Trade Waste charges.

- Consistent, streamlined Trade Waste charges across our service region.

- Consistent, streamlined application of Vacant Land and Community Title Scheme charges across our service region.
simpler pricing

We're here to help

For more information on the changes, click the link that relates to your account type or classification.

You can also contact us 8am-6pm weekdays via or 13 26 57.