We acknowledge the affect Simpler Pricing has had on some customers – typically those who use a lot of water in their operations or those with large or multiple meters who benefit from increased flow rate, capacity and pressure.

We’ve been working proactively with many of these customers since November 2020, exploring ways to reduce their impacts and offering support and assistance.

If you’re experiencing difficulty paying your bills, we’re here to help. Please contact us 8am-6pm weekdays via webchat, customerservice@urbanutilities.com.au or 13 26 57.

We can explore ways for you to save water and money around your business and discuss payment extensions and arrangements suited to your needs. 

Meter alterations

Some customers may also consider reviewing their metering configuration to identify options to reduce their charges.

Please review the Meter Alternations Guide for details about the process and how to apply for assistance.

Customers will initially need to obtain a hydraulic assessment by a suitably qualified hydraulic assessor to explore if there are feasible options for changing their metering arrangement, such as downsizing or disconnecting.

We’ll provide a rebate up to $1,500 for this assessment, whether or not a customer proceeds with the works.

If suitable options are identified to downsize a customer’s water meter, we’ll provide the new meter free of charge.

The costs for any approvals, engineering design work and all plumbing works required will generally be paid for by the customer seeking the alteration.

Depending on the complexity of the water meter alterations, there are different processes that a customer may need to follow and these are outlined in the Meter Alterations Guide.

Our rebate and meter replacement program will remain in place until Thursday 30 June 2023.

We’re here to help

For more information on the changes, please contact us 8am-6pm weekdays via webchat, customer.service@urbanutilities.com.au or 13 26 57.