Flow Capacity Factor is a numerical value (also referred to as a multiplier) attributed to a water meter, which indicates how efficient it is at allowing water to flow.

As outlined in the table below, each multiplier represents the increased efficiency of larger water meters to draw water from our network compared to standard meters.

Actual Meter Size Multiplier


25mm 1
32mm 2.56
40mm 4
50mm 6.25
65mm 10.56
80mm 16
100mm 25
150mm 56.25
200mm 100
Greater than 200mm 126.56
Max 156.25

Combined Flow Capacity Factor is the combined total of all multipliers (Flow Capacity Factors) where there are multiple meters supplying a property.

Example: a CBD office block supplied by two 100mm water meters.

Combined Flow Capacity Factor: 25 + 25 = 50

From Friday 1 October 2021, your Combined Flow Capacity Factor will be used it to calculate your Non-Residential Water and Sewerage Services charges.

It’ll appear on Page 2 of your bill in the Account Details section. You can find out more about this change on our Your Bill Explained page.

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