As part of Simpler Pricing, we’ve streamlined our Trade Waste charges and categories.

From Friday 1 October 2021, we've: 

  • introduced consistent charges across our five service regions,
  • reduced our total number of categories from five to three,
  • removed the fixed minimum charge,
  • removed the application fee, and
  • only applied trade waste charges for sewage discharges above domestic strength, in recognition of new Sewage Disposal charges for all non-residential customers.

Trade waste imposes additional load on our sewerage system. Our trade waste charges apply to customers discharging sewage to our network that is above domestic strength and recovers the cost of trade waste transport, treatment and audit activities.

Under Simpler Pricing, existing trade waste approval holders have been assigned a trade waste category – 1, 2 or 3 – for charging purposes.

Category 1 approval holders no longer incur trade waste charges and pay sewage disposal charges instead, as their discharges are deemed at or below ‘domestic strength’ – i.e. the combined wastewater discharge is of a strength less than or equal to domestic sewage.

Category 2 approval holder discharges are deemed greater than ‘domestic strength’. Category 2 charges are calculated
based on water usage multiplied by Discharge Factor multiplied by an ‘above domestic strength’ tariff, which helps cover the
treatment costs associated with above domestic strength trade waste.

Category 3 approval holders are those with approval to discharge more than 25kL per day or more than 25kg/day
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). Category 3 charges are based on quality charges for Suspended Solids, BOD, Nitrogen
(TKN) and Phosphorus (TP). These charges are calculated using the customer’s input water volume, sewage discharge factor and readings from the trade waste discharge meter for accurate determination.

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For more information on the changes, please contact us 8am-6pm weekdays via webchat, or 13 26 57.