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  • Could your business benefit from onsite water and wastewater treatment solutions? 
  • Is your business resilient and able to continue to operate if there is a water outage? 
  • Are you trying to be more water efficient but don’t know where to start?
We can help!

The Advanced Solutions Team

Our Advanced Solutions Team can help your business explore opportunities for customised water and wastewater management solutions including

  • onsite water treatment to help reduce wastewater treatment costs
  • using recycled water to reduce potable water consumption
  • resource recovery such as renewable energy production

Our team of experts

As one of the largest and most progressive water utilities in Australia, we offer more than 150 years of water treatment expertise to support your water and wastewater management needs.   

Our expertise includes:

  • water and wastewater treatment engineers
  • scientists
  • bioenergy and biosolids management
  • NATA accredited testing facilities
  • A business management team dedicated to your business

What we offer

Our experienced sewage treatment plant operators can assist you in managing your existing assets, providing you a cost effective alternative to in-house management.

If your business is looking for onsite water treatment options, we can provide you with a fit-for-purpose on-site solution based on a range of water treatment technology options. 

We can design, build and operate systems customised to your specific needs, and have a range of flexible recycled water and wastewater options to help you achieve cost and operational efficiencies related to water and wastewater management.

We have developed the capabilities to help you meet your corporate and social responsibility objectives through alternative and cost-effective management of organic waste. Options may include onsite treatment, renewable energy generation and/or products for agricultural land application.

A comprehensive evaluation of your existing water supply and wastewater services, so you can understand where network or site specific risks may be present, and what options are available to improve your business resilience.

We have extensive expertise in biogas production from the wastewater treatment process, and the utilisation of biogas for power and heat generation. We characterise waste streams to determine suitability for biogas production, and can provide you with options to generate your own renewable energy.  

We operate one of Australia’s leading NATA accredited laboratories – Scientific Analytical Services.  We offer a comprehensive range of water and wastewater testing and substrate characterisation for biogas production.  Services can be delivered as part of an asset management package or as a standalone service.  Our mobile field staff can help you meet your quality assurance needs in a timely and professional manner.

Contact the team

To find out more about how we can help your business contact the Advanced Solutions Team on 13 26 57 (9am to 5pm weekdays) or email  

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