Buying or selling

If you are buying or selling a commercial property, there's no need for you to contact us. Your solicitor/conveyancer will contact us as part of the settlement process with the documentation required to create or finalise your account. Typically a Special Water Meter Reading will be arranged to identify your water usage up to the time you vacate the premises and another occupant moves in.

New commercial property

For information on building a new property and connecting to our network, please see Development Services.

Renting a commercial property

If you are a tenant moving into a commercial property you will not receive a bill from us.  The owner of a tenanted commercial property is responsible for all charges including usage charges (water usage and sewage disposal) billed to their accounts. All bills will be mailed to owners for payment.   

Owners of commercial properties can recover financials from tenants. Owners need to have an independent agreement with tenants for paying these charges. We are not responsible for any agreement commercial property owners enter into with their tenant about recovering these costs. 

Service costs include water (potable and recycled) sewerage, pedestals and trade waste (as applicable).


Services charges are now billed in arrears on a per day basis and align with water usage charges.

For solicitors and customers looking to calculate property settlement figures, to determine water and sewerage services charges to the date of property settlement simply multiply the daily services charges rate by the number of days between the special water meter read date and the property settlement date.