We support the sustainable use of recycled water across our service territory. Water recycling brings significant benefits to people and the environment in our communities. The environmental benefits of water recycling include the:

  • conservation of water resources
  • reduction in nutrient loads being released to our waterways
  • improved quality of public assets like sporting field surfaces
  • support of agriculture where environmental sources of water are insufficient.

Appropriate uses for recycled water

The use of recycled water must be fit for purpose. This means suitable control measures must be in place to reduce risks to an acceptable level. New recycled water supply applications will be approved only in situations where its use will not cause environmental harm or pose a risk to public health. Examples of fit for purpose uses include:

  • irrigation of sporting fields or golf courses with controlled public access
  • washing down of hard surfaces in agriculture industries
  • irrigation of pastures or fodder crops
  • irrigation of other non-food crops
  • irrigation of nurseries or forestry plantations
  • below ground irrigation of above ground food crops.   

Considerations for using recycled water

Before deciding whether to apply for a recycled water connection, the following must be considered:
  • What are the surrounding land uses? Will your use of recycled water affect your neighbours?
  • Can you ensure sufficient site access controls to prevent public access to your site during your use of recycled water?
  • Will any of the required site access controls impact on local community members who currently access the land for exercise or other reasons during times when recycled water use may be taking place?
  • Will your method of utilising recycled water prevent it leaving your site as runoff or spray drift?
  • If your intended use is for crop irrigation, is the crop a food crop? The irrigation of minimally processed food crops is considered to be a higher risk activity and requires greater control measures and a high quality recycled water product.

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