Recycled water application process for piped supply to your property

New customers seeking a piped supply of recycled water, please follow the steps below to make an application. All recycled water applications need to be assessed thoroughly to ensure there are acceptable risk management strategies used to protect neighbours and other members of the general public.

Applicants should be aware that they may be responsible for infrastructure costs.

For more information on whether this will apply to your application, please email us with your details and we will contact you to discuss.

We’re glad you’re interested in using recycled water. To get started, please fill out and send back the expression of interest form or give us a call on 13 26 57.

One of our team members will get in touch with you and chat with you about how we can provide recycled water for your needs.

We need to make sure that you can use recycled water safely and responsibly, and that we have enough supply for you. You can check out some examples of suitable uses for recycled water in our Recycled Water Information Sheet or from Schedule 7 of the Queensland Public Health Regulation 2018.

After we receive your expression of interest form, we'll do an assessment to confirm:

  • you want to use recycled water for something that matches the quality we can offer.
  • you are close enough to our recycled water network.
  • we have enough recycled water to meet your demand, without affecting other customers.
  • you meet any other connection requirements.

Once we finish the assessment based on your details, we'll let you know how to proceed and what the next steps are.

If everything goes well in Step 1 and we confirm you can use recycled water for your purposes and we have enough supply for you, you can apply for a connection through our Developer Applications Portal. You can find more information on how to connect to our recycled water network on our development page

In order to receive recycled water from our network, customers must enter into a supply contract with us.

The supply contract will specify the obligations and expectations of both parties regarding the use and supply of recycled water, and contain:

  • the fees and charges applicable for the recycled water service
  • the term of the contract the quality and quantity standards of the recycled water to be delivered
  • the permitted uses and control measures for the recycled water service, and
  • the safety requirements to protect the customer, the public and the environment from any hazards.

We’ll issue a draft copy of the supply contract for your consideration and acceptance. Upon reaching an agreement on the terms, we’ll produce a final copy of the contract for execution by both parties.

We recommend that customers secure a supply contract prior to commencing any construction work for their recycled water connection. This will ensure clarity and certainty for both parties.

We want to make sure your recycled water experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible, which is why we visit every customer for a site assessment prior to commencement of supply.

This helps us ensure all the control measures required in the contract are in place and that your infrastructure is ready to receive the recycled water. During the site assessment, we’ll be looking to confirm the following:

  • Site access controls are consistent with the contract.
  • Recycled water pipes and fittings are coloured or labelled in accordance with the Australian Standards for pipe identification.
  • Recycled Water taps and fittings are labelled appropriately as recycled water or have removable handles to prevent public access for drinking or washing of hands and equipment.
  • There are signs notifying members of the public and staff entering site that recycled water is used on site.
  • Areas to be irrigated are appropriate for the equipment being used to irrigate, and controls to manage spray drift and overspray are appropriate.

Once all the above steps have been fulfilled, we will commence the supply of Recycled Water.

We take the quality of our recycled water very seriously, which is why we monitor it closely before supply to ensure it meets or exceeds the quality requirements detailed within the supply contract. 

As a part of our Audit process, we may schedule additional site inspections over the life of the contract to ensure the safe use of the product we supply.