Recycled water application process for piped supply to your property

New customers seeking a piped supply of recycled water, please follow the steps below to make an application. All recycled water applications need to be assessed thoroughly to ensure there are acceptable risk management strategies used to protect neighbours and other members of the general public.

Applicants should be aware that they may be responsible for infrastructure costs.

For more information on whether this will apply to your application, please email us with your details and we will contact you to discuss.

Complete and return the expression of interest form or contact us.

A member of our team will contact you and discuss with you the issues around providing a supply of recycled water. Your intended uses need to be appropriate and sufficient volumes need to be available for allocation to you. An indication of appropriate uses are included in the Recycled Water Information Sheet or from Schedule 3E of the Queensland Public Health Regulation 2005.

Once we have received your expression of interest form, we will undertake an assessment to confirm:

  • your intended use is fit for purpose
  • you are located within reasonable range to allow connection to a recycled water scheme
  • there is sufficient recycled water supply available
  • any other connection requirements.

Once an assessment has been made, we will be able to better advise you of options for provision of supply

Should the discussions in Step 1 indicate your intended uses are appropriate and there is sufficient volume available advice on the procedures for obtaining a connection will be provided when the scope of the connection requirements have been determined through the expression of interest process.

Separate to the construction process for the recycled water supply pipe and associated hardware, we require to have a supply agreement with every customer and are required to ensure every customer has a management plan covering how they intend to use the water safely.

Recycled Water Usage Management Plan
Prior to supply recycled water customers are required to prepare and submit a Recycled Water User Management Plan before the formal signing of the supply agreement. This plan explains to us how you intend on managing any risks associated with your use of recycled water.

We have prepared a template version of the Recycled Water Usage Management Plan, we supply this as part of the application process. This template contains control measures which are general to most recycled water customers. You may need to add additional control measures depending on your use. Recycled water will not be provided until a Recycled Water User Management Plan has been submitted.

Recycled Water Supply Agreement
We require all customers to enter into a recycled water supply agreement. The final signed agreement will include:
  • any fees and charges that will be payable over the life of the agreement
  • the duration of the agreement
  • the quality of water being supplied under the agreement
  • the approved uses of the water being supplied
  • the obligations of both parties under the supply agreement.
Once the terms of the supply agreement have been negotiated and the Recycled Water User Management Plan has been submitted, a final signing copy of the agreement will be printed for signing by both parties.

Once signed, the supply agreement becomes a binding legal document. This will allow us to commence supply once construction works have been completed.

Construction of your connection may take some time depending on the scale of any new infrastructure that needs to be built. When complete, the recycled water flow meter will need to have an initial read taken prior to the commencement of supply.

Prior to commencement of supply, every customer will be visited for a site assessment and an audit of the Recycled Water User Management Plan.

We require this step to ensure the customer infrastructure is ready to receive the recycled water and all requirements contained in the supply agreement and the customer’s Recycled Water User Management Plan have been met. The site assessment will be looking to confirm:
  1. Site access controls are consistent with the supply agreement and Recycled Water User Management Plan.
  2. Recycled water pipes and fittings are coloured or labelled in accordance with the Australian Standards for pipe identification.
  3. Recycled Water taps and fittings are labelled appropriately as recycled water or have removable handles to prevent public access for drinking or washing of hands and equipment.
  4. There are signs notifying members of the public and staff entering site that recycled water is used on site.
  5. Areas to be irrigated are appropriate for the equipment being used to irrigate, and controls to manage spray drift and overspray are appropriate.

Recycled water quality verification monitoring will commence and continue on a weekly basis to confirm the quality of recycled water being supplied continues to meet or exceed the quality requirements detailed within the supply agreement.