Drought update - Canungra Tanker Filling Station availability

Canungra has moved further into drought and Canungra Creek has almost stopped flowing.

The tanker filling station in Canungra will remain open to local off-network households for direct use through the 25mm outlet, however the 75mm outlet will be closed from 3pm on Friday, November 27.

Commercial carting operators will be directed to use alternative filling stations, with the closest being at 109 Helen Street, Beaudesert.

Find out more about Canungra drought response

If you are a commercial customer who needs temporary or intermittent access to water from our water networks, we have a range of options available for you. These options include tanker filling stations and hydrant standpipes.

We want to ensure you receive the most appropriate service for your water needs. Please call us on 07 3432 2032 (8:30am - 4:30pm weekdays) to discuss your requirements and water supply options. Alternatively, you can email your requirements and contact details to meteredstandpipes@urbanutilities.com.au.

What is a tanker filling station?

A tanker filling station is a permanent outlet used to dispense water into a tanker or other portable water vessel. We have tanker filling stations located across our service area catering for commercial use.

All tanker filling stations are fitted with a registered backflow prevention device. This means that tankers using the stations are not required to be fitted with a backflow prevention device.

Where are tanker filling stations located?

View the list of tanker filling station locations

How do I operate a filling station?

Commercial customers can use either a credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard) or Smart Card (approval required) to obtain water from a filling station.

Apply for a Smart Card

All filling stations are fitted with both a 25mm male hose thread connection and a 75mm male camlock connection. Customers must supply their own filling hose at the filling stations. Full operating instructions are printed on the front of the stations.

View the tanker filling station instructions

How much does water cost from a tanker filling station?

$4.87 per 1,000 litres (2020-2021 charges)

$4.76 per 1,000 litres (2019-2020 charges)

Filling station customer responsibilities

Responsibility for the quality of water supplied from a tanker filling station transfers to the customer at the filling station outlet.

The customer is also responsible for:

  • operating the filling station safely and in accordance with the operating instructions
  • ensuring compliance with all relevant approvals and legislation relating to the carrying, supply and use of potable water sourced from a tanker filling station

What is a hydrant standpipe?

A hydrant standpipe is a metered portable device used to obtain water directly from fire hydrants on water mains. Only approved commercial customers can access the water network using a hydrant standpipe.

Hire a hydrant standpipe

We offer a hydrant standpipe hiring service to approved customers. Standpipes can be hired for periods of one day to being on permanent hire. To discuss your hydrant standpipe hiring requirements, please call us on 07 3432 2032 (8.30am – 4.30pm weekdays).

Customers who make an application to hire a hydrant standpipe will be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Current Public Liability Insurance Certificate (min $20 million)
  • Backflow Test Reports for all tankers. These can be obtained from Registered Backflow Plumbers
  • Standpipe Operator tickets for all standpipe operators

Training for standpipe operators is available from our approved training providers.

View the list of Standpipe Training Providers

Where can I use a hydrant standpipe?

Approved hydrant standpipes can only be used in the Queensland Urban Utilities service area. Check that the suburb you are working is within our service area. If the suburb is not listed, you are not in our service area and will need to contact the relevant water service authority for your location.

Our requirement is for customers to always use the tanker filling station network as the first tanker supply option.

How much does water cost from a hydrant standpipe?

$4.87 per 1,000 litres (2020-2021 charges)

$4.76 per 1,000 litres (2019-2020 charges)

Hydrant Standpipe Customer Responsibilities

Responsibility for the quality of water supplied from a hydrant standpipe transfers to the customer at the standpipe outlet.

The standpipe customer is responsible for:

  • operating the standpipe safely and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of use
  • ensuring compliance with all relevant approvals and legislation relating to the carrying, supply and use of potable water sourced from a tanker filling station

We have recently introduced an online facility for you to submit your monthly standpipe readings. The new facility allows you to simply log-on and enter your standpipe readings without the need to send us any other documents or images.

To submit your readings, you will need your 8 digit customer reference number and your 8 character password.

Your customer reference number

Your customer reference number can be found at the top right-hand side of your bill. You will only need to provide the 8 digits in the middle of this number. For example using the image below, you would submit your number as 10121234.


Your password

Your password was provided to you when we wrote advising you about the new online facility. You can change your password at any time.

Having difficulty logging in?

If you can't locate your customer reference number or have forgotten your password, please call us on 07 3432 2032 and we will assist you.

Submit your readings

All standpipe readings must be submitted within 5 days of the end of each calendar month (late fees may apply).

Submit your monthly standpipe readings

If you have difficulty submitting readings, please call us on 07 3432 2032.

In 2015 we replaced our four ITag (water tag) filling stations in the Scenic Rim Regional Council area with new card operated stations, as part of our Tanker Filling Station Upgrade Project.

Customers who still have an ITag can obtain a refund of any credit held on the tag and the tag deposit held by us, by completing a Water Tag Refund Claim Form. The claim form and pre-paid envelope can be obtained from Scenic Rim Regional Council Customer Service Centres or by calling us on 13 26 57 (7am - 7pm weekdays). Once we have received your tag and application, we will issue all refunds within 20 working days.