What is a Tankered Waste Approval?

All waste transporters disposing tankered waste at our Tankered waste discharge locations must hold a Tankered Waste Approval.

A Tankered Waste Approval states the:

  • conditions under which tankered waste can be discharged
  • categories of waste that can be discharged 
  • responsibilities of the waste transporter.

Unless otherwise specified in a tankered waste approval, an approval holder must also comply with all provisions of our Tankered Waste Management Plan

A waste transporter must hold an Environmental Authority (ERA57) for the transport of trackable waste in Queensland before being eligible for a Tankered Waste Approval.

To apply for an ERA57, waste transporters should contact the Permit and Licencing Section of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (palm@ehp.qld.gov.au or 1300 130 372).

How can I apply for a Tankered Waste Approval?

Please phone us on 07 3432 2032. We will discuss your requirements and forward the necessary application forms.

How is the approval used?

The diagram below shows the workflow for approval, collection and discharge of tankered waste: