Before regulated plumbing works are undertaken at commercial or industrial premises with trade waste drainage, hydraulic plans must be submitted to your local council for plumbing compliance approval.

You must ensure these plans are consistent with our trade waste requirements.

Preparing your hydraulic plans

You must ensure your hydraulic consultant prepares your plans in accordance with our Trade Waste Hydraulic Plan Guideline. This guideline includes requirements for trade waste drainage and the sizing of grease and oil arrestors.

Submitting your plans

If your hydraulic plans meet the following requirements you can submit your plan to the council for assessment without additional trade waste documentation. We have approval arrangements with council allowing these plans to be processed quickly.

  1. Your business must conform to the requirements of our Trade Waste Hydraulic Plan Guideline, and
  2. Use only pre-treatment devices listed in our Register of Authorised Basic Pre-treatment Devices as shown below

If your hydraulic plan varies from the guidelines, you must obtain a Trade Waste Consent from us and provide it to council when submitting the plans. Failure to provide this consent may delay or stop your plumbing compliance assessment.


Call our Trade Waste team on 07 3432 2160 (8:30 am - 4:15 pm weekdays), email or contact us via our enquiry form.

Urban Utilities' new Application for Trade Wast Consent form will soon be available. In the meantime, please apply for Trade Waste Consent by emailing our Trade Waste section at and providing the following information about your request.
  • Address where trade waste will be discharged
  • Property owner's contact details
  • Postal address of property owner or nominated representative (if relevant)
  • Variation sought, i.e. is the Application For Trade Waste Consent related to:
    • Unauthorised basic pre-treatment device
    • Non-standard sizing for pre-treatment device
    • Non-standard calculation of peak trade waste flows
    • Stormwater diversion or first flush system
    • Alternative source water (e.g. rainwater, stormwater):
    • Other variation (describe)
  • Hydraulic plans - you must attach a scanned hydraulic plan that shows the relevant trade waste drainage. Please also ensure the plan reference number is included.
  • Justification for the requested variation - paragraph describing the reason for the requested variation and justifying the proposed solution)
      • Declaration - your email must include a declaration as follows:
        • "I (a suitably qualified person) attest that the solution described above will meet the requirements of the Urban Utilities Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan."
      • Your contact details - include company name, telephone number and email address.
      • Following our decision, Urban Utilities will:
      • email you a copy of the completed form with our decision
      • email a copy of the completed form with our decision to the relevant council plumbing services group
      • retain a copy of this form in our corporate records.

Contact us

Call our Trade Waste team on 07 3432 2160 (8:30 am - 4:15 pm weekdays), email, or contact us via our