An increased focus on water efficiency is important for many reasons. With South East Queensland experiencing a climate of extremes, there is the important sustainability consideration of ensuring enough water to meet future demand. For stadiums and entertainment venues there are also the associated financial benefits. Water efficient stadiums and entertainment venues can save money through:

  • Reduced water use charges
  • Reduced trade waste charges
  • Reduced energy costs associated with heating and pumping water around a site

Our top water efficiency tips for stadiums and entertainment venues include:

  • Constantly monitor your water use
  • Sub-metering in all major water using areas like cooling towers, bathrooms and grounds irrigation systems
  • Employee education and awareness e.g. less water intensive cleaning practises and responsibility for reporting leaks in taps/toilets with clear processes
  • Rain or stormwater harvesting can make a suitable fit for purpose replacement for several potential end uses including sporting field irrigation, cooling tower water and toilet flushing
  • Install efficient fixtures including 6 star WELS rated basin tapware, waterless or low flow urinals, 5 star or better WELS rated dual flush toilets and 3 star or better WELS rated showerheads
  • Conduct regular onsite audits to ensure the venue is following the best operating mode with regards to all water use. Specialist external auditors may look at things through a different lens and identify previously unforseen opportunities.

Download our water efficiency factsheet