Establishing a water use benchmark is the best place to start for any retail centre looking to improve its water efficiency. The industry recognised benchmark for water use performance in retail centres is kilolitres per gross lettable area (kL/m2GLA) and is generally represented on an annual basis.

Rather than total water used, this benchmark is the figure recommended to be tracked over time as a measure of water use performance as it accounts for any changes in business activity.

Our top water efficiency tips for retail centres include:

  • Constantly monitoring your water use
  • Sub-metering willl tell you how much water different areas of the retail centre use will allow you to focus your efficiency efforts on the areas with most potential
  • Tenancy charging - by sub-metring all tenancies you are able to charge accordingly for actual water use. This will in turn create an incentive for tenants to seek out more water efficient behaviours within their business
  • Employee education and awareness e.g. less water intensive cleaning practises and responsibility for reporting leak in taps/toilets with clear processes
  • Garden design and efficient irrigation - use local native species that are drought tolerant and able to survive on low volumes of water.
  • Rain or stormwater harvesting
  • Install efficient features
  • Review cooling tower maintenance procedures and conduct full and part site water audits.

Download our water efficiency factsheet.