Why you should read your water meter regularly

Taking a reading of your water meter regularly can help you monitor your usage. It can also help you identify leaks either inside your business or underground.

Commercial water meters are typically read every 90 days for the purposes of billing water consumption. You can see the date your meter was read at the top of page two of your bill.

Why wasn’t my meter read?

If your meter is not able to be read, a card will be left in the mail box to explain the reason why. This card also allows you to provide your meter reading to us by mail.

If you require assistance accessing your water meter, or would like to tell us your meter reading over the phone, call us on 13 26 57 (8am - 6pm weekdays).

How to read your water meter

There are many different kinds of water meters installed across our service territory.

Most water meters contain black and red numbers. Black numbers refer to the kilolitres* of water used and red numbers refer to the litres used.

Some water meters have dials as well as numbers. In this case, the black numbers refer to the kilolitres* of water used, and the red dials refer to the litres of water used.

Please be mindful of potential hazards when reading your water meter.

*1 kilolitre = 1,000 litres