2019-2020 CBD Water Main Replacements

Our contractor, Diona, completed water main replacements at the following locations:

  • Mary Street 
  • Albert Street 
  • Margaret Street 
  • Elizabeth Street 
  • Creek Street 
  • Wharf Street 
  • George Street 
  • Edward Street 
  • Roma Street .
What's happening?

Construction of the new water main on Wharf Street is now complete, and restoration works are planned over June to complete final connection works and site restoration.

Our contractor, Diona, will be conducting road restoration during night works on Monday 8 June and Tuesday 9 June 2020 in Wharf Street between Ann and Queen Streets. 

These restoration works will be done at night between 7pm and 5am,  Monday and Tuesday. This work has been scheduled after-hours to comply with approved traffic permits. 
Crews will endeavour to complete high noise work as early as possible each night (subject to site conditions). 

Please note:  there will be no temporary loss of water supply during these night works.

Find out more

Phone: Please call 3855 6742 during business hours.

We have a water main replacement program to replace sections of pipe as they near the end of their service life. The newly installed water mains ensure the reliability and sustainability of water services for the community.
What's involved?
Water main replacement work involves excavation of pits in the road, footpath and nature strip when laying new pipes. Once the pipe has been constructed, crews connect it into the existing network, complete a series of tests and commission the new main. Following construction, we restore disturbed areas as close as possible to their original condition.

Why are there water interruptions?

Planned temporary water outages or 'shuts' are required at certain stages of the project to allow crews to prepare and connect the new pipe to the water network. For work in the CBD, water outages are scheduled outside peak usage times between 9pm and 5am.

Why is the work done at night?

As crews are working on or near the road, this work is generally scheduled after-hours to comply with approved traffic permits, and to minimise the impacts of planned water outages for businesses and the community. Crews will endeavour to complete high noise excavations as early as possible each night, followed by pipe laying and back filling activities (site conditions permitting).

What is a temporary water service?

During construction, some properties could be connected to a temporary water service pipe to maintain supply while the main is being constructed. This is the same quality of drinking water as the normal service; however, you might notice a slight reduction in water pressure. If you have any queries regarding your water service during the project, please refer to the project letter for the contractor's details.

Water main replacement work involves the excavation of pits in the road, footpath and nature strip when laying new pipes. Businesses, residents and road users can expect:

  • night work from 7pm with noise, dust, vehicle movements, safety lighting and the use of machinery including an excavator, saw cutter and jack hammer
  • temporary road restoration each night, including backfilling, compacting and road paving, prior to re-opening the road by 5am
  • changed traffic conditions with partial lane closures and detours around work sites. Traffic control will manage traffic flow and maintain local access
  • temporary overnight water outages. Customers will be notified prior to any planned temporary disruption to water supply
  • pedestrian ramps and safety fencing around excavations in some sections of the footpath and road.
  • some on-street parking might be temporarily unavailable
  • possibly some driveway impacts.

We will seek to minimise the impacts where possible and will work with customers to maintain pedestrian, cycle and vehicle access during the work.  

The project team will manage the construction impacts by:
  • placing barriers and suitable signage around the work areas during excavation
  • minimising noise and dust and managing both at the source, to the extent possible
  • using traffic management to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians, and maintain pedestrian/property access around work sites during project work hours
  • temporarily restoring disturbed roads, driveways and footpaths to allow for continued use while work is in progress
  • restoring affected roads, driveways and footpaths as close to their original condition as possible, after the work is completed.

Please take care and observe all signposting, speed limits and any directions given by traffic controllers.

The following communication activities will be carried out:
  • A Project Letter is distributed to properties in the street where work will be happening, and to properties in surrounding streets which may be affected by traffic changes, night works and temporary water outages
  • A 'Construction in your area' postcard is delivered to nearby properties prior to commencing night works
  • A 'Temporary water outage' postcard is delivered to affected properties at least 5 working days prior to any planned temporary water interruption.
  • 'Construction in your area' postcards and email updates will be distributed to keep the community informed about progress
  • Queensland Health and QFES will receive notification of timeframes and maps of the work footprint before any interruption to the water supply.