Our team is continually spreading the word about the importance of saving water, the benefits of tap water, as well as how the water and sewerage systems work and how we can help look after it. Find out more about this below, as well as information on how we can support you through sponsorships or portable water solutions.

Education program

Find out more about our Education Program and how you can get involved.
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Urban Utilities support a range of community organisations and events each year as part of our sponsorship program.

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What's a NO.3?

Everyone has heard about NO.1s and NO.2s, but what about NO.3s? Well, it's simple really - anything that shouldn't go down the loo.

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Bathroom Beats

Sing your way to savings with our shower playlists! Timing your shower to a song makes it simple to know when to hop out, saving you both water and money.

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The Poo Car

Learn all about Number 2, Australia’s first 100% electric small SUV, powered 100% by poo.
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Portable water solutions

If you’re looking to be clean and green at your next local event, then we’re excited to offer portable water solutions for hire.

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