Are your school toilets in need of a transformation?

At Urban Utilities, we’re passionate about partnering with the younger generations to deliver community outcomes that support liveable and connected communities and enhance the environment.  This is why we’re offering two grants to school students in our service region to transform their school toilets into water efficient, appealing and safe places for their fellow students.

The Rock the Toilet Block grant application is now closed.

When we heard that 62% of boys and 35% of girls avoid pooing in school toilets, we knew we had to do something*.

According to Dannielle Miller, Project Founder of The School Toilet Project, "School toilets can be dirty, under-funded, poorly designed and a hideout for skipping lessons and even self-harm. School toilets can be detrimental to student mental and physical health and in desperate need of reform."

To make things worse, some school toilets have old, leaky appliances and use excessive water and electricity, damaging the environment.

*Vernon et al

Our solution is to support The School Toilet Project which is a nation-wide initiative which aims to empower students to transform school toilets across Australia. Urban Utilities is supporting this initiative by providing financial, project management and design support to schools in our service territory that wish to reform their toilets.

We put it to schools in the Brisbane, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim or Somerset area to apply for a ‘School Toilet Transformation’ grant. Primary schools could apply for a $3,000 grant and secondary schools could apply for a $7,000 grant.


“When I came up with the idea of inspiring schools to empower students to transform their all too-often bleak and disgusting school toilets, I hoped this project would resonate, and take on a life of its own. I had no idea, however, just how strongly the idea of revamping school loos would connect not only with teachers and parents - but with communities! The financial grants (and, just as importantly, the stewardship) offered by Urban Utilities is phenomenal. I love too that the focus here will be on encouraging kids to think about water conservation, and on how they can help ensure we have healthy waterways.” Dannielle Miller, Project Founder, The School Toilet Project

The Rock the Toilet Block grant application is now closed.

We're thrilled to announce our winners of the Rock the Toilet Block school toilet transformation project:

Primary school category - $3,000 grant

  • Salisbury State School
  • St Mary of the Cross, Windsor

High school / P-12 school category - $7,000 grant

  • Redbank Plains State High School

As well as the grant money, we’re also providing project management and design support to these three schools.

Driven by students, these projects will improve the health and wellbeing of students and enhance learning outcomes. The Rock the Toilet Block school toilet transformation project is part of our strategy to partner with younger generations to deliver community outcomes that support liveable and connected communities, and enhance the environment.

We had so many applications – more than 30 – that we decided to increase the number of grants we’re giving out from 2 to 3 as we just couldn’t choose between the applications!

Congratulations to the winning schools.

Rock the Toilet Block Timeline 2019/20
Applications open  Tuesday 8 October 2019
Applications close  Friday 15 November 2019
Winners announced  Monday 2 December 2019
Deadline for winning schools to invoice Urban Utilities for grant
Monday 1 June 2020
Deadline for transformation Project completion  Friday 18 September 2020
Rock the Toilet Block party Term 4 2020 - Dates TBC




The School Toilet Project is a nation-wide initiative set up by Dannielle Miller. Urban Utilities is supporting this project by providing two schools in our service region with grants to transform their own school toilets.

We have two grant options available – a grant of $3,000 for primary schools and a grant of $7,000 for secondary schools. If you are a P-12 school, you can apply for either or both grant(s), however you will be unable to win both grants.

The successful applicants will need to agree to terms and conditions including (but not limited to) the below.

  • The successful schools will provide Urban Utilities with the names of the students leading the project and a teacher / adult point of contact from the school who is overseeing the project.
  • Students and teachers may be photographed/filmed by Urban Utilities for media purposes.
  • The successful schools will provide Urban Utilities with receipts for supplies and contractors demonstrating proof of purchase.
  • Urban Utilities will support students throughout the project with visits at the beginning and end of the project and email/phone support during the transformation process.
  • Urban Utilities will organise an ‘opening party’ of your transformed toilets and invite local media, Councillors and your school community.
  • If, for any reason, you are unable to transform your toilets, you will return the grant money to Urban Utilities to enable another school to have the opportunity to transform their toilets.
  • The School Toilet Transformation grants are available to schools located in the Urban Utilities service area (Brisbane, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Somerset).
  • The successful schools will promote the project through their own communications channels including school e-newsletters, Facebook pages and website.
  • This is a trial project for Urban Utilities so we will request feedback from students and teachers to enable us to improve the process for future schools.