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At Queensland Urban Utilities we believe young people are vital in the preservation of water for the future. This is why we're trialling an initiative with local schools to help them take control of their water use and drive water efficient behaviours.

How does the program work?

Each participating school is provided with real time water consumption technology to limit wastage and identify any issues.

The program will initially run for a 12 month period, where each school will be fitted out with data loggers to their water meters. These clever meters allows students and staff to collect real time water consumption data. The data is managed through an online Portal. The Portal can identify any leaks or unusual usage. It is simple and easy to use and we will provide all the training necessary as well as ongoing technical support.

A number of useful resources are available to participating schools throughout the trial. We’ll keep adding to these during the trial period.

Portal tips

These handy pointers will help you read portal graphs and set alerts.

Download the portal tips

Social Media Tile

If your school likes to post on social media, this image is perfect to use on Facebook and Instagram to promote your schools participation in the program.

Download the social media tile

School newsletters

Place an ad in your school newsletter to promote your participation in the program.

Black and white version

Colour version

School assembly

We strongly recommend getting students involved with the leadership of the program and promoting water efficiency. To introduce the program, we've created a few options that may be suitable to use at your school assembly to launch the program. Student Council or any Environmental/Sustainability groups are the perfect students to take ownership and promote the program and keep everyone updated with the results.

PowerPoint presentation