beneath the streets

Free for primary and high schools, Urban Utilities’ latest educational experience, Beneath the Streets, delivers interactive, STEAM-based, curriculum-aligned workshops and shows on the water cycle, environment and innovation.

These engaging and informative experiences are available from term 1, 2021 to schools located in Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council, and Somerset Regional Council and are facilitated by Brisbane-based, leading science communicator Street Science. 

Innovative, explosive and FUN, the workshops and shows teach students about ‘what goes on beneath the streets’ with the underground, yet essential, role of providing world class water and sewerage services.



Beneath the Streets will create real world experiences that enhance student learning outcomes, such as:

  • understanding the role of water and sewerage services in enabling community well-being and protecting the environment,
  • understanding the properties of water and how it is used daily – to flush, to drink and to reuse, empowering young people to make solutions for the future of water usage and water efficiency, and
  • understanding how sewage and post-treatment waste can be used as a resource, challenging young people to think of new and innovative techniques and opportunities for the future.


Limited spaces available