We have joined forces with Tangalooma EcoMarines to challenge school students to remember that water is a precious resource and that every choice we make, what we pour down the sink, what we flush down the toilet or what goes down the stormwater drains, makes an impact on our local waterways.

Through the Tangalooma EcoMarines program we offer students environmental leadership opportunities including whole school challenges, attendance at high school water and waste conferences, early childhood toilet training materials and more. We work together with the EcoMarines to promote the value of water and explore ways to take action to combat water pollution in our beautiful Moreton Bay, Brisbane River and surrounding waterways.

Tangalooma EcoMarines offers inspirational environmental education programs. They focus on achieving better environmental outcomes and developing environmental leadership among students of all ages, schools, community organisations and businesses.

Attention water savers & budding H2O heroes!

Are you ready to take on the How Low Can You Go challenge?  Visit www.ecomarines.com/mission to see our latest water saving challenge.