Urban Utilities’ Water Warriors educate junior primary school students in a fun and engaging way about the urban water cycle and how precious water really is.

The Water Warriors use theatrical performance, song and dance to share curriculum-aligned sustainability information on:

  • What is the natural and urban water cycle?
  • Why is water conservation important?
  • Where does your wastewater go after you flush or when it goes down the drain?
  • How is sewage treated and turned into energy and resources before returning to our local waterways?

The 100% subsidised 30-minute theatrical production features our energetic characters that are passionate about water! Book in Lucy Loo, Drip Drop, Wasteful Walter and Blocka to captivate and inspire junior students about water sustainability.

Want to learn more? The online educational videos and resources below allow students to learn about the water cycle and environment from their home or classroom. 

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The Water Warriors are energetic characters that are passionate about the Urban Water Cycle. They love to talk to kids about water sustainability! There are different characters for different productions. Check out which of our Water Warriors will be visiting your school in 2024.

Lucy Loo

Lucy Loo Water Warrior

Crazy about toilets, Lucy Loo, is a fun and passionate superhero who reminds us to only ever flush the Three Ps – poo, pee and paper. Features in the 2024 show!

Drip Drop
Drip Drop Water Warrior 

Full of fun facts, Drip Drop, loves to find ways to save water. Features in the 2024 show! 


Rude and grumpy, Blocka, the wet wipe monster puppet, loves to block pipes and cause mischief. Features in the 2024 show!

Wasteful Walter



Disruptive and disgruntled, Wasteful Walter, is a leaky tap puppet who loves to waste as much water as possible! Features in the 2024 show!

Dusty Drought


Dusty is a smart, water-savvy country gal from West Queensland who loves to save water.



Enviro is a tech savvy, environmentalist whose passion is to protect our beautiful planet.


Book your Water Warriors Performance with Urban Utilities by filling out our online form! Available exclusively for junior primary.

The Water Warriors require 30 minutes and 5 students to complete a post show survey on an iPad.

These FREE, fully subsided engaging, zany and informative performances are available in terms 1, 2, 3 and 4 for schools and communities located in:

  • The Brisbane City Council
  • Ipswich City Council
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council
  • Somerset Regional Council
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Curriculum links:

  • Describing how a resource such as water is transferred from its source to its point of use,
  • Considering what might happen to humans if there were a change in a familiar available resource, such as water
  • Identifying actions such as turning off dripping taps, that can conserve resources

Please see full curriculum links for all year levels in our resources tab.

1. Water is Precious
2. The water cycle
3. Water and wastewater items around your home
4. Save water inside your home
5. Save water outside your home
6. Cleaning the wastewater
7. Making energy and useful items from poo
How low can you go? Full length show
Help save the planet! full length show
  • 100% of teachers recommend
  • 92% usefulness rating
  • 88% water conservation effectiveness rating
  • 93% Only flush 3Ps effectiveness rating
  • 27% increase in student water literacy
  • 100% students recommend

“Amazing show. Kids loved every second.”

“Thank you for raising awareness of how important our precious water resources are.”

“Thank you for helping me bring green and sustainable concepts to my local community which is extremely important to me and our future generations.”

To provide feedback, please email education@urbanutilities.com.au or complete an enquiry form.