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Urban Utilities, along with Seqwater, are seeking feedback from your local community about how we communicated about drought response in Canungra

Seqwater is responsible for managing the bulk water supply in South East Queensland and we are responsible for delivering water to around 450 homes and businesses in Canungra and treating all your wastewater.


We value the needs of small communities like Canungra, and recognise the impact that drought has on people’s lives.

We visited the Canungra community at DJ Smith Park in late August and would like to thank the residents who provided feedback on how they wanted to be kept informed during drought response. 

We understand the Canungra community has questions about the local water supply and drought response. We’re reviewing feedback from the survey and recent ‘Let’s Talk Water’ community event, and will share answers to common questions and themes here on our website and by email communications. 

We want to assure the community that Seqwater and Urban Utilities will continue to work together to ensure the current and future drinking water demands for Canungra are met, including during times of drought.

Located at the base of Mount Tambourine, Canungra is one of 12 towns in South East Queensland that is not connected to the SEQ Water Grid or to a substantial dam. Each of these towns has its own water supply source, including creeks and local aquifers, and its own drought response plan. 

The Canungra community’s water supply is sourced from Canungra Creek, which Seqwater closely monitors as flows in the creek can change quickly.

Canungra Creek has stopped flowing five times in 120 years, including November 2019 and November 2020.

2019 was a very dry year - much of South East Queensland experienced the lowest annual rainfall on record, and it was a record drought for Canungra.

The community rallied together to save water during water restrictions and we’re seeing everyone’s great efforts continue during the traditional dry season.

We appreciate the efforts of people in the community who are continuing to work hard to save water.

Water supply updates

Levels in Canungra Creek can change quickly and during drought response Seqwater and Urban Utilities work together to keep the community updated about the local water supply.

During the drought response in Canungra in 2019 and 2020, Urban Utilities provided regular updates to the community via:

We appreciate the concern caused by limited notice when drought triggers are declared and we thank the community for their understanding.

What role do Urban Utilities and Seqwater play supplying water to Canungra?

Our water supply partner, Seqwater is responsible for water supply and security in South East Queensland and they operate the Water Treatment Plant in Canungra.

Urban Utilities is responsible for delivering that treated water to around 450 homes and businesses in Canungra and treating all their wastewater.

What is the drought response plan for Canungra?

The drought response plan for Canungra is activated when flows in Canungra Creek fall below 7 megalitres per day.

As drought progresses, drought response plans give clear instructions on how to operate the water treatment plants, manage demand, communicate with customers and plans to provide alternative water supplies if needed.

Under the plan, Seqwater will tanker water to meet demand if it has to take its water treatment plant offline due to low flows in Canungra Creek.

When was the last time drinking water was tankered into Canungra due to drought?

The last time Seqwater tankered water to Canungra due to drought was in November 2019 for approximately nine weeks, and prior to that it was in 2002.

Tankering is a reliable method to maintain water supply and it’s more economical for Seqwater to tanker water to Canungra when needed.

What is the plan for long-term water security in Canungra?

Seqwater is currently reviewing its long-term water security assessment for Canungra. The assessment considers population growth, climate change, additional drinking water demand and future supply options. This work is due to be completed in 2022.

Seqwater is committed to exploring all long-term water security options for Canungra together with Urban Utilities, Council and the community.

Seqwater and Urban Utilities will continue to work together to make sure current and future drinking water demands for Canungra are met, including during drought.

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