Our dam levels are dropping so we're asking everyone to save water where they can. Everyone and every drop counts.

SEQ Drought Response

With the combined level of the Water Grid dams close to 60 per cent, we’re encouraging everyone to save water.        

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Save water at home

All of us can step up our savings to make sure water is available to meet future needs.

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Save water in your business

Every business uses water in different ways. By knowing how much water you use, and where you use it, you’ll be on your way to saving money and water.

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Water savvy gardens

Looking for some water savvy, garden inspiration? There are many ways you can achieve great results in your garden without compromising plants and water use.
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Save water in outdoor spaces

Advice on how to achieve efficient water use on gardens and grass in urban areas, including household gardens, public spaces and active playing surfaces.

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How low can you go?

Take up our new water saving challenge - 'How low can you go?'

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Innovative ways we're saving water

From leak detection dogs to trials in new technology, we take a proactive approach to reducing leaks and bursts.
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