Sing your way to savings with our shower playlists

Timing your shower to a song makes it simple to know when to hop out, saving you both water and money!

Download our two free music playlists, named 'Bathoom Beats AM' and 'Bathroom Beats PM' on the free version of the popular streaming app, Spotify.

Each playlist features a selection of more than 50 water-themed songs that run no longer than four minutes - the time to aim for in the shower to be water wise.

To follow our playlist simply search for 'Urban Utilities' on Spotify. 

Showering you with the facts

  • Showers account for around 30% of household water use in South East Queensland.
  • By reducing your shower time from seven to four minutes, you can save around 27L of water a day. For a family of four over a whole year, this equates to around 40,000L and $150.

Water sustainability tips