B4C is a catchment and landcare group who partner with many organisations and the wider community to build a web of green across the region.

Leigh Weakley – Nursery ManagerPicture of Leigh Weakly

Thanks to his mum, Leigh’s lifelong interest in plants led him to volunteer roles for organisations such as the Greening Townsville group and Society for Growing Australian Plants. That experience, coupled with a training background, is why he’s a respected member of the garden.

A community minded individual, his mantra is ‘volunteering doesn’t cost, it pays…’, and working with like-minded people, sharing experiences and knowledge is what he enjoys most.

  • What's your favourite drought proof plant?

I like flowering Callistemons because they remind me so much of my time in Townsville.

  • What's your best tip to save water in the garden?

As plants take up most of their moisture when the sun rises, I recommend that they’re watered then or when stressed.

Alex Vanek

Since he was Picture of Alex Vaneka child Alex’s interest in flora and fauna species was always inspiring. Fast forward to now and he’s turned that interest into a full-time role at B4C. His enthusiastic and compassionate attitude is the driving force behind his environmental commitment, so that current and future generations get to enjoy the vast biodiversity that shares this planet with us.

The experience he’s gained from working in the garden has helped him understand the sustainable uses you can create in a small available space. That, and working on a large project with a well-coordinated community involvement.

  • What’s your favourite drought proof plant?

My favourite drought proof plant would have to be callistemon injune. The reason is because this Bottlebrush’s spray of pink and cream flowers in Spring, as well as flowering throughout Summer and Autumn. Another reason it has high bird and insect attracting qualities, and that it is very drought tolerant once established.

  • What’s your best tip to save water in the garden?

When planting any plant, create a small divot where the plant will go. Use water crystals, plenty of mulch, a drip or soaker hose system and only water early morning or late afternoon.

Glen RamsayPicture of Glen Ramsay

A lifelong love of nature and gardening has gone full circle for Glen, who left his country life to join corporate Australia and raise a family. Fast forward to today and he’s back doing what he loves best - reconnecting with the environment.

A bit of an all-rounder, Glen’s favourite tasks in the garden are a mix of time in the field to propagation, potting and planting. He also gets enormous satisfaction from working with like-minded people who have become great friends. Currently enrolled in a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management, Glen hopes that the knowledge gained will be of assistance to B4C.

  • What’s your favourite drought proof plant?

Acacias (Wattles) “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”

  • What’s your best tip to save water in the garden?

Mulch and select native plants.

Stay tuned... more profiles to come! 
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