Does watering the lawn at certain times of the day really make a difference? 

We believe it does, so the B4C* team are doing an experiment to find out exactly when is the most efficient time to water grass.

It's no surprise the optimal watering times are early morning before 8am or early evening after 4pm. Watering during middle of the day is wasteful because much of the water is lost to evaporation.

In our water savvy garden there are two watering zones, one for early morning and the other for early evening. Both areas are using fixed spray heads which are activated using a time irrigation system. The team have chosen Sir Walter turf, it's a broad leaf turf that suppresses weeds and acts as a green mulch. 

How will we know the results? The answer is simple, through growth rates.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress.


  • Aerate your lawn regularly - it promotes deeper root growth which results in a lawn that uses water more efficiently.

  • Let it grow - longer blades of grass lead to less water wasted through evaporation, so set your mower one notch higher.

  • Ease up on the fertiliser - lawns that are fertilised more than necessary actually require more water. 

  • Water and Wind don't mix - avoid watering on windy days and you won't run the risk of wasting water.

*B4C is a catchment and landcare group who partner with many organisations and the wider community to build a web of green across the region. 

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