We are committed to supplying our customers with healthy and safe tap water 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All the hard work’s done for you. Before we deliver it to you, your tap water is subjected to over 15,000 tests each month to ensure it meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. All you need to do to have world class drinking water at any time of the day or night is Turn to Tap.

Turn to Tap to create a better future for the environment, your health and your hip pocket.

Add some up-and-go to your daily H20

We all know that drinking water and staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body, particularly during the summer months when temperatures rise and our bodies lose more water. 

Jazz up your water this summer with fruit infusions. Simply add a mix of sliced fruits and herbs to chilled water to enhance the flavour.

And the best thing is, you get to eat the fruit after you’ve replenished your thirst (or before the jug is empty if you can’t wait that long!). 

Here are some recipes for you to try that go beyond the simple slice of lemon.

Christmas jingle infusion

Rhubarb, apple and cinnamon

Christmas jingle

This rhubarb, apple and cinnamon water infusion tastes just like a delicious dessert, but without the calories! Keep a jug of Christmas jingle in the fridge, feel festive and, hydrated all summer long.

1L chilled tap water
1 apple, sliced
2 sticks rhubarb, sliced
1 stick cinnamon


Mojito infusion

Cucumber and lime

H20 Mojito
Being the designated driver doesn't mean you have to drink boring drinks. This quick and easy to prepare Mojito can be made in a matter of minutes. With bright limes and cool mint, it not only looks amazing, it tastes great too. Prepare a batch to take along to your next event.

1L chilled tap water
2 limes, sliced
1/2 cucumber, sliced
1 handful of mint, torn

summer entertainerStrawberry and mint 

Summer entertainer
Looking for a cool refreshing drink to sip at summer barbecues? Then fill up a jug with this simple tasty recipe. Drop in a handful of sliced strawberries and torn up mint leaves (the flavour will be released if they are torn up first), sit back and enjoy.

1L chilled tap water
Ice cubes
6-8 strawberries, sliced
8 fresh mint leaves, torn

work-out waterWatermelon and basil

Work-out water
Watermelon is one of the highest water-content fruits and contains re-hydration salts such as calcium, magnesium and potassium that can help hydrate you. Add a few basil leaves and a slice of lemon to give it that extra kick.

1L chilled tap water
2 cups watermelon, sliced
10 fresh basil leaves
Half a lemon, sliced 

kids energy boostOrange and blueberry

Kid’s energy boost
Keep the kids hydrated with a healthy alternative to soft drinks and cordial with this refreshing and delicious water infusion.

1L chilled tap water
Oranges, cut into wedges
Blueberries, muddled


We have joined forces with Tangalooma EcoMarines to challenge school students to stop using single-use plastic water bottles and fill up their reusable bottles with tap water. The goal is to help reduce the amount of plastic litter that can end up as rubbish in our local waterways.

We love tap water because…
  • It’s better for the environment - when you use a reusable water bottle, you’re throwing away less plastic rubbish. Plastic can end up in our waterways and harm animals like turtles and birds.
  • It costs less to refill a reusable bottle with tap water than it does to buy bottled water.
  • It is good for your wellbeing - tap water is better for you than drinking fizzy drinks and it keeps you hydrated!
Turn to Tap bag tag challengeTangalooma EcoMarines logo

Students enter to design a bag tag that will help remind them to pack a reusable water bottle and fill up with tap water for school each day. Every time a school takes up the challenge, we receive hundreds of creative and colourful entries, before choosing one winner whose design is turned into a bag tag for the whole school.

Visit Tangalooma EcoMarines for more information on how you can get your school involved and pledge to use a reusable water bottle each day.

Since 2014, 10 schools around Brisbane and Ipswich, and 8,200 students, have taken up the Turn to Tap challenge, including:

  • Bulimba State School - Winning Design by Adam Wyatt, Year 5
  • Somerville House - Winning Design by Victoria MacDonald, Year 5
  • Wilston State School - Winning Design by Atticus Moore, Year 3
  • MacGregor State School - Winning Design by Nobel Borno, Year 6
  • Islamic College of Brisbane - Winning Design by Azra Ikhwan, Year 3
  • Payne Road State School - Winning Design by Adeline Hurley, Year 2
  • Clayfield College - Winning Design by Maegan Morris, Year 5
  • Raceview State School - Winning Design by Kelsie Biggam, Year 5
  • Ascot State School - Winning Design by Greer Petko, Year 6
  • Wondall Heights State School - Winning Design by Riley Newton, Year 5
Drinking tap water saves money
  • Australians spend over $600 million on bottled water every year.
  • Tap water costs less than one cent per litre compared to up to $3 per litre for bottled varieties.
Drinking tap water is good for the environment
  • Disposable plastic bottles require significant amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport.
  • It takes up to seven litres of water to produce just one litre of bottled water.
  • Healthy Waterways’ Clean Up Program has identified plastic bottles as the most common item removed from South East Queensland's waterways.
Drinking tap water is good for your health
  • Our bodies are 70 percent water*.
  • Staying hydrated is essential for good health, especially in Queensland’s sub-tropical climate.
Drinking tap water is convenient
  • By carrying a reusable water bottle in your bag, you will be able to fill it with tap water from taps at work, school or from one of the 3,500 public drinking fountains in South East Queensland.

* Mater Hospital
≠ Healthy Waterways