whats a number 3

Everyone has heard about NO.1s and NO.2s, but what about NO.3s?

When it comes to toilet talk, we use any number of expressions: powder one’s nose, take a tinkle, answer the call of nature, go pee pee, boo-boo, potty and number 1 or number 2. These terms have have been used for centuries as a polite way to discuss the delicate “business” of going to the loo.

What's a NO.3 you ask? Well, it's simple really - anything that shouldn't go down the loo, like wet wipes, tissues, tampons, medication, and, yes, even shopping lists and old prawn heads.

Just because something can be flushed, doesn’t mean it should be.

We spend millions of dollars every year removing, treating and disposing of the unflushable nasties, not to mention the strain and drain on our staff having to deal with what’s left in the water at the end of the line. Watch this video to see what we take out of our Bunya Street Pump Station at Eagle Farm. This is one day of NO.3s!


Please take care of the sewer system

The only experience people have with the sewer system is flushing the toilet or washing things down the drain. It's true that everything can be flushed, but the flow on effect (yes we did that on purpose) could be damaging to your plumbing, as well as ours.

Take a look at the usual suspects below and why they have no business being there. 

  • Band-Aids: these sticky objects are made of non-biodegradable materials
  • Cigarette butts: the filters on these bad boys are filled with chemicals which leach into the wastewater
  • Contact lenses: these tiny little plastics are not biodegradable
  • Cotton balls, buds and makeup wipes: it may take a while for the cotton to accumulate into a clog, but you don't want to go there
  • Cosmetics: moisturiser and other beauty products can be potentially toxic
  • Dental floss: great for cleaning teeth, not so great when it choke holds our equipment
  • Goldfish: they were part of your family once and deserve a decent burial in the garden
  • Hair: it never dissolves and if you've ever cleaned the shower drain, need we say more
  • Prescription medicines: no marine life needs to ingest your old drugs
  • Tampons and sanitary items: specifically designed to absorb not break apart  
  • Tissues: I want a tissue that falls apart said no one ever
  • Toys: stop the curiosity and toddler proof with a safety latch
  • Wet wipes: each year we remove 160 tonnes of these from the sewer network, that's 20 times heavier than an elephant

So start spreading the word about these sewer nasties and remember to only flush #1s and #2s and no #3s... or we (not wee) have to pull it out!

Fun and free resources
  • Game on - take on the bin or loo challenge... you have 60 seconds to move as many items in the correct place. Great things can be achieved if you play on a mobile, but if you're a PC person we recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser. Share with family and friends and set a goal for everyone to beat. Click on the image and start playing today!

Hand holding a mobile phone

  • Bathroom posters - These posters will brighten any bathroom or toilet wall - print one or all three. 

Poster with No3s

  • Sticker templates -  Pick your favourite design from our round sticker templates - all you need are scissors and glue.

Sticker Template for No3s