There are two types of water and sewerage billing methods for CTS properties. These are:

  1. Individual meter billing: Each property has its own meter and is billed individually. The body corporate is billed for the common areas.  
  2. Body corporate billing: The body corporate is billed for consumption charges which are then passed on to the property/unit owners.The water and sewerage access charges are billed directly to the property/unit owners.

Residential water and sewerage charges apply in line with the region in which you live. 

Individual meter billing applications must be lodged by the body corporate and stamped with the body corporate seal. Individual unit owners are not able to lodge applications. 

After an application has been received, we will arrange for a plumbing inspection to determine whether the internal meter installation meets our requirements. The body corporate may be required to carry out metering work to our specifications for an application to be approved. Any work required will be specified in the plumbing report we provide.

Multi-residential properties are not eligible to apply for individual meter billing because they are not a registered CTS and each dwelling is not a separately rated lot.

A community title scheme (CTS) is managed by a body corporate and contains multiple units or stand-alone dwellings that could be part of a single or multi staged development. The body corporate is responsible for managing the common areas of the CTS such as pathways and recreational facilities.

Each unit in a CTS is issued with a lot and plan which shows its boundaries and size. A CTS can be residential, commercial or a mix of both, and typically has multiple property owners. CTS properties must:

  • consist of multiple units that are individually rated (each unit can have a different owner),
  • must have a body corporate,
  • be registered under the Land Title Act,
  • be strata titled,
  • have a registered Community Management Statement (CMS).