Lets talk water

What is Let's talk water?

Let's Talk Water is your opportunity to have your say in the decisions we make about the future of our water and sewerage services.

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We understand how important water and sewerage services are in sustaining our communities. We also understand that the decisions we make today have a direct impact on the communities of tomorrow and we want you to have a key role in shaping our future.

Our goal for Let’s Talk Water is to work with you, to get to know you better and to provide you with information about what we do, what we are planning and what drives our decision-making.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far

We’ve engaged with hundreds of customers in a key step to better understanding their expectations and preferences about how they’d like to be involved. Here’s what our residential customers have already told us:

Your desired relationship with us

  • You see us as a trusted custodian and would like to continue to do so
  • You would like greater understanding and awareness of what we do, moving from “I hope you do” to “I know you do”

How you’d like to be involved

  • You want us to consider you in all of our decision making and expect to be engaged on topics such as pricing and water quality
  • You would like us to engage you on decisions that directly impact you and your community 

What's next

We’ve used this feedback to develop our commitments for future engagement and align these with the expectations and preferences of our customers. In the Let’s Talk Water Customer Engagement Plan you’ll find insights from each of our customer groups, and the commitments we’ve made in response to this feedback.

Some of what we’ve learned requires further engagement. We would like to continue to seek your views, aspirations and concerns about a variety of issues and we encourage all of our customers to get involved with shaping our future.

Our Customer Engagement Plan

The plan includes insights from our customer groups, and the commitments we’ve made in response to this feedback.

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We like to invite you to have your say in shaping our future. Please provide your details if you wish to contribute.

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