The following documents are to be used only by engineering consultants endorsed by Queensland Urban Utilities under the third party certification scheme.

Certification templates and tools for endorsed consultants

Certification Scheme Guidelines
Design Certificate Single Lot
Design Certificate Multiple Lots
Construction Certificate Single Lot
Construction Certificate Multiple Lots
As-Constructed Package Certification
End of Maintenance Certificate Single Lot
End of Maintenance Certificate Multiple Lots
Endorsed Consultant Stamp
Meter installation Single Lot
Meter installation, disconnection, replacement Multiple Lots
Combined Sanitary Drains guideline
Easement guidelines

In order to become an endorsed consultant, applicants are required to:

  • submit application information, as outlined in the Certification Scheme Guidelines
  • satisfy assessment criteria
  • enter into a Deed with Queensland Urban Utilities if the application is successful.
To streamline administration, we call for applications annually. We plan to issue the next invitation to become Endorsed in 2019.

To apply to become an Endorsed Consultant send an email to

GIS for Endorsed Consultants

Each Endorsed Consultancy is provided with one user license to Queensland Urban Utilities GIS system.

GIS User Guide

Endorsed Consultant Forums

Details for our next Endorsed Consultants forum will be available soon.

Past forums

May 2016 Forum presentation

October 2015 Forum presentation