Connection design and application management

Property Service and Network Connections - An endorsed consultant can design and certify your connection, as well as manage the application and construction process.

List of endorsed consultants

Field testing of street hydrants

The following companies are approved by Queensland Urban Utilities to undertake field testing on our hydrants. No company is permitted to undertake hydrant testing without prior approval from Queensland Urban Utilities. 

Connection construction

Any contractor with the appropriate qualifications is permitted to construct a new Property Service or Network Connection. We recommend you talk to your engineer when selecting a contractor. Standard connections are undertaken by our construction partner, Ventia. 

Valve operations

Contractors, builders and designers must not attempt to operate valves on Queensland Urban Utilities’ water supply network. Ventia and Detection Services are the accredited valve turners for Queensland Urban Utilities' network under a Network Access Permit issued by Development Services. This service is currently not offered by Queensland Urban Utilities. 

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