Under the South-East Queensland Water (Distribution and Retail Restructuring) Act 2009, we are required to have a Water Netserv Plan. The plan describes the infrastructure and services we currently have and how we will meet customers’ needs beyond the next 20 years to ultimate development.

It outlines our priorities for investment in water and sewerage infrastructure projects, customer service standards, strategies for managing future water demand, the process and fees and charges for connecting new housing and developments into the water and sewerage network, and innovative initiatives that embrace sustainability principles.

The Water Netserv Plan (Part A) consists of three documents:

Water Netserv Plan (Part A) - Main document
Water Netserv Plan (Part A) - Connections Policy
Water Netserv Plan (Part A) - Charges Schedule

2018/19 Fees and charges

Queensland Urban Utilities has undertaken a review of all development fees and charges to ensure the delivery of high quality services to the development industry and meet legislated timeframes for water and sewerage connection assessments.

These updated fees and charges, effective from 1 July 2018, will apply across our service territories of Brisbane City Council, Ipswich City Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council and Somerset Regional Council.

About the Connections Policy

The Connections Policy has been prepared in accordance with Queensland Government legislation. It sets out the areas in which Queensland Urban Utilities will provide water and sewerage connections and the criteria for connection. The Connections Policy explains how customers can make an application to connect, disconnect or alter their connection to our services. It also sets out how Queensland Urban Utilities will assess the application, and what options are available to undertake the required connection works.


  • Define the areas in which Queensland Urban Utilities will guarantee a connection to our services and other areas where we may provide connections.
  • Set out the objectives for the provision of infrastructure.
  • Set out the criteria and requirements for connections, disconnections and alterations to drinking water, non-drinking water and sewerage services.

Key aspects

  • Strategic outcomes or objectives for the planning and delivery of Queensland Urban Utilities' infrastructure.
  • Connection areas and future connection areas for each service and mapping of these areas.
  • Queensland Urban Utilities' infrastructure plans and how they relate to the land use plans of the councils within our service territory.
  • The desired standards of service which inform our planning.
  • The types of connections and the approval process and timeframes.
  • What options are available for undertaking the work required to connect to our networks.
  • How to ask for a review of your Water Approval or lodge an appeal.
  • How to apply for an amendment of your Water Approval conditions.
  • How we charge for our connections, services and infrastructure.

Connection area maps

Queensland Urban Utilities has identified connection areas for its drinking water, non-drinking water and sewerage services. Detailed maps of these areas can be found below.

Customers wishing to determine if their property is within any or all of Queensland Urban Utilities’ connection areas should first view the connection area maps that relate to the connection they want below. These maps show the scope of Queensland Urban Utilities geographic area by participating local government area and specific grids. Customers should first identify the grid/grids they are interested in viewing and then select the link to specific maps.

Drinking water connection area map
Non-drinking water connection area map
Wastewater connection area map

Superseded documents

Superseded connection area maps


Participating Local governments' Priority Infrastructure Areas



Lockyer Valley 


Scenic Rim