Important notice about credit card payments

We are currently experiencing a technical error with credit card payments through the fees cart. Please make payment using this payment link or choose an alternative payment method as shown on page 3 of your Charge notice to pay fees. Thank you for your understanding whilst we fix this issue.

Apply for our services, pay application fees and track the status of your request via our online applications portal. The portal will guide you through the steps for each type of application.

You must be the property owner or an authorised agent of the property owner to apply for a connection. Details of existing applications will only be discussed with the applicant or those persons listed as 'additional contacts' in the online application.

Please contact us if you need assistance with completing or submitting your application or making payments. You can email developmentenquiries@urbanutilities.com.au or call us on 07 3432 2200 (8.30am - 4.30pm weekdays).

NOTE: During your connection application you will receive emails from no-reply@urbanutilities.com.au. Some email servers may block this address, so before commencing your application please check your security and spam settings.

Forms and documents you need to complete your application

Access the applications portal
You can make an online application in the portal for the following services:
Services not included in the applications portal are:

You first need to decide what service you require.

You will then need to tell us:
  • type of connection - standard, property service, network or staged water connection
  • the service type - drinking water, non-drinking water or sewerage (non-drinking or recycled water is only available in specific areas - check our connection area maps before making an application for this service)
  • whether the application is for a connection, disconnection or alteration to each service applied for.
You will also need to upload information to support your application:
  • for standard connections
    • detailed site plan, marked up with the preferred location of the connection(s)
    • building plans if applying for a connection for a duplex or auxiliary dwelling
    • owner’s consent form if you are not the property owner

We will undertake an initial review of your application and any information you have provided to us.  If we require further information from you to enable us to complete our assessment of your application, we will issue a request for information by email and you will need to lodge the additional information via the application portal.

Queensland Urban Utilities will assess your application against the criteria set out in our Water Netserv Plan (Part A) – Connections Policy and will issue you with a Decision Notice confirming:
  • approval or refusal of your request
  • conditions that apply to your Water Approval (or reasons for its refusal), and
  • next steps in the connection process.
For timeframes refer to our service standards.
You can download the following forms, complete and email with supporting attachments to developmentenquiries@urbanutilities.com.au

Standard connection application
Services Advice Notice request
Property service, network or staged water connection application