SEQ Code easement requirements for gravity sewers in Queensland Urban Utilities area

In response to industry feedback, Queensland Urban Utilities reviewed its requirements for easements over gravity sewers and has decided not to require easements on gravity sewers of 300 mm diameter (DN 315 PE) or less, effective 1 December 2013. Requirements for easements on larger sewers remain unchanged. Queensland Urban Utilities easement width requirements for gravity sewers are summarised in the table below:

Easement width requirements for gravity sewers on private property*

Sewer Diameter Sewer Depth
Less than or equal to 5m Greater than 5m
Less than or equal to 300mm No easement required No easement required 
Greater than 300mm and less than or equal to 600mm 6m wide easement 10m wide easement
Greater than 600mm 10m wide easement 10m wide easement
*Easements will generally not be required for sewers located on council land.

Where a maintenance structure (maintenance hole, maintenance shaft or terminal entry point) is located on private property, a 1.0 metre wide easement, for sewerage purposes, running along the side boundary from the street frontage and containing the maintenance structure is required to facilitate access to the structure.

This requirement applies to all maintenance structures, including those that are located on sewers of 300mm diameter and smaller. This requirement is generally in accordance with the SEQ Code but it ensures that the easement extends to the maintenance structure when that structure is on a sewer that doesn’t require an easement.

These amended easement requirements only apply to sewers within Queensland Urban Utilities’ service territory and do not affect requirements of the other SEQ service providers.