Engineering search service

If you require detailed information about our network for your building application or infrastructure design, you can request an engineering search or as-constructed drawing (if available).

Our advice includes, but is not limited to:

  • Water network - as-constructed date, diameter, length, material and operating pressure
  • Sewer network - as-constructed date, average depth, downstream and upstream invert levels, length and segment type
  • Manholes -  manhole type, use, lid type, material, surface level and depth.

Submit a request
Complete the Engineering search request form and email it to Our Developer Customer Services Team will contact you to arrange payment of the fee, which is $55 per plan, drawing or report.

Property boundary realignments

If you are seeking approval from council to re-align a property boundary, you may need to provide evidence from Queensland Urban Utilities that an existing water or sewerage connection services the lot.

We provide evidence of connection letters via the engineering search service, outlined above.  When completing the request form, add that you need an ‘evidence of connection letter for property boundary realignment’ in the Supporting Information field.  Email the completed form to with development plans attached.

Our team will assess your request to ensure the property boundary realignment: 

  • does not impact existing water and sewerage infrastructure
  • there are no changes in water and sewerage service requirements
  • infrastructure charges are not applicable.

If any of these requirements are not met, you may need to apply for a re-use of an existing connection via the Water Approval Process. 

Dial Before You Dig

The Dial Before You Dig service will help you to identify if our infrastructure is in the general location that you are planning to work.

Water meter location

Contact our General Enquiries team on 13 26 57 to identify if there is an existing water meter on your property. The information provided will only indicate whether or not there is an existing service as recorded in our billing system and will not provide depths of services. This system is updated as details become available on new properties created and services installed.