If you would like to connect or disconnect from the water and sewerage network or alter our network infrastructure, you need to submit a Water Approval application.

The Water Approval Process works in conjunction with the council development assessment process, and applications do not need to be submitted at the same time.

What if I have already lodged an application with council?

Before you apply for a new connection, check that your home, property or proposed development is within our connection area and does not have an existing connection. You can find out by requesting an engineering search or checking our connection area maps.

Connection types

There are three types of connections that you can apply for depending on the extent and complexity of the works required to make the connection. Select the relevant connection type below for guidance on how to make an application.

Contact us if you are unable to determine what connection you require.


Standard connection

Applies to new single dwelling house on an existing lot; or one-into-two lot residential sub-division with a single dwelling house on each lot.


property service connection

Property service connection

Connections to a single property from our water or sewerage reticulation infrastructure. This category can be undertaken as a staged water connection.


network connection

Network connection

Connection of new reticulation infrastructure to our existing network. This category can be undertaken as a staged water connection.