If you would like further information or advice before making a connection application, request a Services Advice Notice via our applications portal.

If you are planning a major development or a development generating trade waste, we recommend that you request a Services Advice Notice at an early stage and prior to council issuing a development permit.
What advice can I request?
In submitting a request for a Services Advice Notice, you will be asked to identify what aspects of your connection you require advice on, including:
  • infrastructure design and technical requirements
  • demand and capacity
  • contributed assets including infrastructure agreements
  • infrastructure charges, credits and infrastructure charges schedule
  • trunk infrastructure (e.g. trunk mains, pump stations, treatment plants)
  • build over infrastructure
  • trade waste
  • easements and land tenure.
As part of this service you have the opportunity to meet with us to discuss the details of your request. We will issue you with a Services Advice Notice within 10 business days of a pre-lodgement meeting and/or receiving the necessary information and payment of the relevant fee. For more information refer to our service commitments.

While we make every effort to provide you with considered and accurate advice, Services Advice Notices are non-binding and you will need to submit a full connection application to obtain a definitive position.

A Services Advice Notice costs $547 (+ GST). In the event that you proceed with a connection application within 12 months on substantially the same basis as set out in your Services Advice Notice, we will refund up to 50% of the fee against charges for the connection.

Where more comprehensive assessment is required for complex developments, we will offer additional engineering support quoted at an hourly rate.

Apply for a Services Advice Notice via applications portal

Flow and Pressure Services Advice Notice

We offer Flow and Pressure Services Advice Notice for simple flow and pressure test information. This service is $350 +GST. Find out more.