Standard connection criteria

There are two types of developments to which standard connections generally apply:
  • Single dwelling house on an existing lot; or
  • One-into-two lot residential sub-division with a single dwelling house on each lot.
You can self-assess to determine if you qualify for a standard connection using the criteria set out in Table 1 of our Water Netserv Plan (Part A) – Connections Policy.

Benefits of a standard connection

Standard connections are designed to streamline the connection process for simple connections. Benefits of standard connections are:
  • low application fees
  • fast processing of your application
  • accelerated timescales for delivery of your connection.

Requesting a standard connection

Standard connections are delivered under our Water Approval Process, which works in conjunction with the council development assessment process and applications do not need to be submitted at the same time.

  1. Lodge your standard connection request in the portal and pay the application fee online.
  2. We will assess your application and respond within five business days.
  3. We will provide a quote for the construction of the connection within a further five business days.
  4. Login to the portal and select ‘proceed with construction’ and pay your construction quote. All fees and charges must be paid prior to construction.
  5. Following payment of fees, you will be contacted by our authorised contractor within three business days to arrange a suitable time for construction of your connection.
  6. Construction will be completed within 25 business days following receipt of payment, unless you have specifically requested a later construction date (up to one year). If conditions are deemed unsafe or there are site constraints (i.e. wet weather, limited access or boundaries unpegged), works will be postponed and rescheduled.
  7. After construction is completed and all applicable fees and charges paid, we will issue you a Connection Certificate. Small subdivisions will need this certificate as part of the plan sealing process with councils.
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Property service connection: Connections to a single property from our water or sewerage reticulation infrastructure.

Connection Certificate: We issue a Water Approval Connection Certificate when connection, disconnection or alteration works are completed to our satisfaction.

Plan sealing:  Also known as plan signing is the final stage of sub-division approval process where council approves the plans.